Hiteck ébénisterie architecturale

We are the master builders.

Entrust us with complex projects and we will turn them into complete works, because we know how to put ideas into action.

At Hiteck ébénisterie architecturale, we bring the vision of talented architects to life. We bring to life their most innovative ideas by showing them ingenious and creative design solutions.

If you can see our creations everywhere, and notice their great design quality, it’s because we refine each one with great care from beginning to end. Hiteck is efficiency and distinction at work.

At work in our community

At Hiteck, we believe in the importance of local businesses giving back to their communities. That’s why we get involved socially by offering free furniture to youth camps and non-profit organizations in Quebec.

We also offer integration internships to young people with coping difficulties in the Arthabaska region.